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how to update and existing block


Its been a while I workd on EPIserver and cannot recollect on how to update an existing block, I have the model updated, but it wont reflect in the CMS. I remeber something was updated on the tblCotnetnType folder, but cant recollect. Can any one help me on this


Feb 20, 2021 18:32

Just want to understand, You are saying you have updated the Block Type model but new properties are not appearing in cms?

I assume you are updating from Code.

Feb 20, 2021 20:25

Yes that's correct, Not sure if we need to do anything so it shows up in the CMS 

Feb 20, 2021 22:19


There few options i can suggest 

1 - if you are using DXP while deploying, if you update module changes its best to  "use the Maintenance page" option. That helps you to sync your cms with the database.

2 - Its the work around I use - When I deploy and new properties are reflecting in page type/block type in cms. I normally go to cms -> Admin -> Content types -> select-your-content-type

Check if your property is not there, then try to create a test property from the interface (you can delete this property later). That will force cms to sync with the database and it will start showing your properties. 

Hope that helps

Feb 20, 2021 22:28

Naveed, Thanks for your input.

Strange no mattter how I add the property, I dont see it in  cms -> Admin -> Content types -> my-content-type.

Is there something else which I can do to view the new block created property.

Feb 20, 2021 22:54

Have you tried restarting your webapp?

Can you share the code of your new property?

Just to be sure - you can see content type but new property is not available?

Feb 20, 2021 23:55
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