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Change the order of custom commands inside plug-in areas



I followed this official documentation to put my own command into the context menu of the Navigation Tree. However my component appears at the bottom of the menu, while I want it to be displayed right under the "New Page" command (just for UX purpose).

The instruction only tells me to put this line of code into my module initializer:


I couldn't find any options to change the order of My Custom Command. Is there any way to achieve that?



Dec 12, 2022 9:35

So I found the solution to my own problem, had to do it "the hard way" since this functionality hasn't been supported yet.

Basically I intercepted the postMixInProperties event of the PageNavigationTree. In that event I got the context menu commands by using the _contextMenuCommandProvider, reordered these commands, and set the new value back, still by using the _contextMenuCommandProvider. The result looks like this:

We need a module initializer to be able to do this, go to this page if you haven't configured one. Here's my module initializer for the POC:

], function (dojo,
) {
    return declare("alloy.moduleInitializer", [_Module], {
        initialize: function () {

            // Do any custom module initialization here

            // Add Custom Command button to the Navigation Tree

            // Customize PageNavigationTree
            var originalPostMixInProperties = PageNavigationTree.prototype.postMixInProperties;
            // Extends the original postMixInProperties
            PageNavigationTree.prototype.postMixInProperties = function () {
                // call the original function
                originalPostMixInProperties.apply(this, arguments);

                //getting the context menu commands
                var customCommands = this._contextMenuCommandProvider.get("commands");

                // updating the style, since I wanted to group My Custom Command with the New Page command, so I updated New Page command to a normal menu item style, and I updated My Custom Command to a menu item with a separator.
                var customCmdIndex = 0;
                var newContentCmdIndex = 0;
                    function (command, i) {
                        if (command instanceof NewContentCommand) {
                            newContentCmdIndex = i;
                            command.category = 'context';
                        } else if (command instanceof CustomCommand) {
                            customCmdIndex = i;
                            command.category = 'menuWithSeparator';

                // moving My Custom Command to right under the New Page Command
                customCommands.splice(newContentCmdIndex + 1, 0, customCommands.splice(customCmdIndex, 1)[0]);

                this._contextMenuCommandProvider.set("commands", customCommands);
Edited, Dec 20, 2022 3:59
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