Scheduled Jobs missing after migration to CMS 12


I am in the midst of migrating our CMS 11.14 to the latest CMS 12

As I am familiarizing myself with the new Admin UI, I noticed that there are nothing list under Scheduled Jobs, despite numerout in our database.  I can see them when looking in Config > Plug-in Manager > Scheduler Job Administration.

Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated!


Jan 02, 2023 18:03

In my case I had to remove all rows from the table tblPlugIn. With that said, I thought that Episerver would've solved that specific issue with this fix:

Anyway, run something like

INTO tmpTblPlugIn
FROM tblPlugIn


... and see if it works. Make sure you re-run the application so that you don't run into caching issues.

Edit: I did have the exact same issue, and if clearing tblPlugIn isn't enough - you could also check if you have any no longer existing scheduled jobs in tblScheduledItem. If a scheduled job is in the database but not in code, that could be a potential issue.

Edited, Jan 03, 2023 8:35

I had the same issue, and my solution was (as Andreas') to remove a couple of lines from tblPlugin.

Jan 03, 2023 19:49

Thanks Andreas and Tomas. 

Despite my prior conclusion that your suggestion was not effective, I discovered that I was in fact editing in the wrong database! 😱

So I have edited this response to indicate success!

Edited, Jan 05, 2023 13:04
DD - Jan 05, 2023 13:34
Not sure if it makes sense but I had my scheduled jobs page empty despite having entries in the database table. I was using CMS 12 running it from local IIS. I had to delete all the contents of the directory where the application was hosted and re-deployed and it did start to show. Visual studio option of removing old files during publish didn't work.
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