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Empty fields report


Is there an addon that would give me a report of all items that are missing content in a certain field?

The use case here is to find images where the alt text field is empty.

I'm imagining a UI where I can select a content type from a dropdown.  Then, the UI populates a list of checkboxes where each checkbox represents a field on this content type.  I can then check one or more boxes and click a submit button that would then generate a report of all of the items in the CMS, of that content type, where one or more of the fields I selected are empty.

Edited, Feb 13, 2023 17:56

I haven't seen a generic add-on for this type of report. Generally you won't see something like this since content type models for MediaData and the properties associated with those content types are not out-of-the-box with Optimizely (i.e. it's an implementation task to create those custom content types and properties).

From here, you have some options:

  • Create your own add-on or report: Code-wise, it's not terribly complicated using the built-in services (IContentModelUsage, IContentLoader, etc) to get a list of content instances missing the data. If you want to do something like this and keep it really simple, just create a scheduled job that exports an Excel file or something.
  • Developer Console add-on: Allan Thraen from created an add-on (, that you could use if you wanted some type of UI, although it's a lot more technical and has a bit of a learning curve to use it.

Personally, I would just create a quick scheduled job.

Feb 13, 2023 18:55

I know this is not what you're asking, but this sounds like an add-on that would treat the symptom (fixing missing fields after-the-fact) and not the problem (preventing missing fields to happen in the first place).

To avoid this problem for future content, I'd use the Validation feature to validate properties on a page, block or form. This ensures that properties that are required, or recommended, to have a value, are filled before the piece of content gets published.

Feb 15, 2023 11:28
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