Postbacks stop working in 4.60 with Gloablisation enabled

Hi, we have a site we are developing with 3 languages. For some VERY strange reason, when we enable Globalisation our PostBack events don't work properly. They are actually doing a postback, (i.e. the pages are re-loading) but the actual event that we expect to be called (click event for a button) is not being called. If we turn off Globalisation, it works.... Does anyone have any thoughts/ideas/suggestions for us? Thanks, Cameron
May 29, 2006 3:53
OK - So we've been working a little more... And I should perhaps have mentioned we are using VS2005 so it's all .NET 2.0 We switched Globalisation off. We have a standard search component on our Master page which WORKS when we are on the start page, but will NOT work when we are on a subpage, and therfore further down the heirarchy in the friendly URLs. Don't know of the relevance of this info. Help please! This is driving us stir crazy here! Thanks again, Cameron
May 29, 2006 7:36
OK --- take 3 It's definitely something to do with the "Friendly" URL Not so "friendly" if stuff doesn't work... We've turned back on the Globalisation features and it all works. And Javascript is all enabled. So - my question NOW is... 1) Is this an EPSiServer issue? or 2) Is it .NET 2.0 and this is all ok in the old .NET versions? or am I looking at things all upside down coz, we're here in Australia? Down under.... get it... never mind ;) ok - my rant's done. Thanks in advance for any help that may be forthcoming! Cheers, Cameron
May 29, 2006 7:49
Time to pull my head in! I rechecked EVERYTHING and found out I was missing in the section. Not sure how this went missing....
May 29, 2006 23:07
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