Problems with 4.60 & friendly URLs

I've come across the following problems using 4.60 and friendly URLs - has anyone else experienced these? 1. When in edit mode, browsing through the site under the View tab the Structure does not update to reflect the current page you are viewing as it does when not using friendly URLs. 2. Events behind buttons such as the click event that are all server side do not fire when javascript has been disabled in the browser. Our sites are built without the use of javascript so all event handlers are server side and in testing we've noticed that the event handler methods are not firing when using friendly URLs but do when not using friendly URLs.
May 24, 2006 12:12
Yes I have encountered them both. Issue 2 is actually listed as a known limitation in the release documentation for 4.60. I have asked if there is a fix for this expected and the reply I got on 11/05/2006: "Unfortunately, we have not resolved this yet so my guess it that a fix for this is some way ahead in the time schedule. We will, however, look over this and if a fix is made for this it will surely be documented in any release note (either for a regular release or beta)."
May 24, 2006 22:53
I received the following reply from EPiServer regarding friendly URLs and javascript being switched off... "Unfortunalty friendyl URL does not work with javascript disabled. If javascript can't be run, postbacks won't work. That's a limitation due to the way friendly URLs are implemented. Hopepfully we can get rid of that limitation in future versions, but right now I'm afraid there's no way around it." As I understand it, this limitation means that you currently can't develop a truly accessible site to level AAA using friendly URLs if you've any form elements on your site such as a search text box as you can't detect the button click event server side. Can anyone think of any possible workarounds to this (however messy) further than ditching using friendly URLs for accessible sites which some of our clients won't be happy about. Thanks.
Jun 05, 2006 11:46
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