Config tab and system settings in Admin mode

This post will contain several issues and one question with the system settings function in the config tab in admin mode. Problem 1: Our web.config file is read only and when saving in the system settings tab you receive the following warning (not error, which is strange) Access to the path "C:\xxxx\web.config" is denied. Which is correct, but if you close the browser and opens the browser again the change that hasn't been saved to web.config is still there. (This is an Error). But if I do an iisreset the value from web.config is back. The system shouldn't save the value to its cache, if it doesn't save it to the web.config. Problem 2: We have a clustered environment which has at least 2 servers. But a change through security settings is only updating the web.config file on the server that you are on. This will give strange effects on the server, since they will be out of sync. A suggestion to the EPiServer guys is to move and store the parameters in the EPiServer database. Problem 3: In the document Administratörshandbok 4-60 (Swedish) Rev A.pdf it reads "In system settings, you apply settings for the whole EPiServer installation". Which are not correct for clustered environments, see problem 2. Question 1: is it possible to remove the system settings section from admin mode? Jörgen
Jun 20, 2006 10:58
Problem 1: I agree, if the web.config values cannot be saved to disk, they should not be cached. This can lead to confusing situations. Problem 2: I do not agree. Keeping settings in a database will make them less accessable, and will lead to less flexible development environments. We would also have to handle application restarts, based on changed values in a database, which in effect would bring down the web farm if you change anything. This will make upgrades more difficult. Changing web.config settings through the admin interface in a web farm is not a good idea, because of this. I'd rather see additions to EPiServer Manager to handle web farms, allowing you to update several servers in one go. Even in a web farm, you might want to have different web.config files, so this would have to be handled selectively. Problem 3: I agree, this should have a note about web farms. If it had not been for the cache problem (1), you could just turn off write rights. I cannot see an immediate solution to this except removing the /admin/settings.aspx file.
Jun 20, 2006 13:07
ok, thanks for the quick answer
Jun 20, 2006 13:30
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