Caching Headers Question

Hi, I have a question regarding the Caching meta tags and the use of the EPnCachePolicyTimeout setting in the Web.config. If I set the value = 0 (which I understand to mean no output cache), the server sends the following headers: Cache-Control: private Expires: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 13:41:43 GMT Now the expires date here is now, which I'd sort of expect as I've set the timeout to 0. However, if I set a value (say 3600 = 1 hour), the headers are: Cache-Control: no-cache Pragma: no-cache Expires: -1 Now this is the opposite of what I'd expect. I'd hope for a "Cache-Control" of private (or public if this is possible), and an expiry one hour in the future. Am I doing something silly? Any ideas? Thanks Jon
Sep 11, 2006 15:44
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