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SQL exception when emptying recycle bin

Since the upgrade to 4.60 I have had a strange problem on 4 different sites. When emptying the recycle bin I'm get an SQL exception like: DELETE statement conflicted with COLUMN SAME TABLE REFERENCE constraint 'FK_tblPage_tblPage'. The conflict occurred in database 'myDB', table 'tblPage', column 'fkParentID'. When deleting the pages one by one the problem doesn't appear, but it's quite tedious when there are several hundreds of them.
Sep 01, 2006 11:22
I've investigated som more and the problem seems always to occure when a subpage contains pages that where copied using the copy/paste function. As soon as I delete this subpage the error disappears. 1. Recycle Bin 1.1 Page 1.1.1 SubPage SubSubPage Copy of SubSubPage ... That means if you try to delete "1.1 Page" you will most likely get the SQL exception. If you first delete "1.1.1 SubPage" the error will not appear. Hope that will help...
Sep 01, 2006 11:42
Hi René, I’m trying to reconstruct your problem by doing the following 1) Create "page" in "Recycle bin" 2) Create "subpage" as a sub page for page 3) Create "subsubpage" as a sub page for “subpage” 4) Copy the "subsubpage" to the “subpage” and get the structure Recycle bin page subpage subsubpage subsubpage 5) Delete the "subpage" Everything works fine! Is it some thing that I’m missing, from witch version do you have upgrade from, are you using Multilanguage support? Best regards, Mattias Lövström
Sep 04, 2006 13:40
The error does not appear if you delete subpage but if you delete page. The "Copy"-theory is just an assumption because pages causing this problem where created that way. Multilanguage ist not activated and the sites are 4.60 installations upgraded to 4.61.
Sep 06, 2006 14:07
I can’t still reproduce your problem, but the "Copy"-theory is a very strong candidate because we have a bug in the 4.60 and 4.61 copy functionality that corrupts the page tree, and the emptying of the recycle bin uses the page tree. I have requested that this fix will be included in hotfix 1 for the 4.61. Regards, Mattias Lövström
Sep 07, 2006 8:26
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