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Hi, When I go to the Statistics tab in edit mode, I get a "The log service is not configured with a database. Saved history will not be shown." error. I've configured the Episerver.LogService.exe.config file so that the connection string has the correct data. Please see log below. We're using Episerver 4.61 with Oracle. Thanks, Danie 2006-09-18 17:07:08,859 [3644] EPiServer.Log.Analyzer.TimeSpanAnalyzerView.?(:0) - 11.4.2 Error Listing PageSpans:EPiServer.BaseLibrary.ObjectStoreException: Failed to load named object /TimeSpanAnalyzer/CapeGateway/Root/GATEWAY/PUBLICATIONS/___interval_0. ---> EPiServer.BaseLibrary.ObjectStoreException: Error opening connection. ---> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: SQL Server does not exist or access denied. at System.Data.SqlClient.ConnectionPool.GetConnection(Boolean& isInTransaction) at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnectionPoolManager.GetPooledConnection(SqlConnectionString options, Boolean& isInTransaction) at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.Open() at EPiServer.Implementation.SqlObjectStore.OpenConnection() --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at EPiServer.Implementation.SqlObjectStore.OpenConnection() at EPiServer.Implementation.SqlObjectStore.LoadOrCreatePath(String path, Boolean create, IItem current) --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at EPiServer.Implementation.SqlObjectStore.LoadOrCreatePath(String path, Boolean create, IItem current) at EPiServer.Implementation.SqlObjectStore.LoadPath(String path, IItem current) at EPiServer.Implementation.DefaultSession.LoadPath(String path) at EPiServer.Log.Analyzer.TimeSpanAnalyzerView.GetHits(String root, DateTime start, DateTime stop) at EPiServer.Log.Analyzer.TimeSpanAnalyzerView.?(PageSpanCollection , String , DateTime , DateTime )
Sep 18, 2006 17:12
Hi Daniel, it looks like your connectionstring in %PROGRAM FILES%\EPiServer.LogService\EPiServer.LogService.exe.config" is corrupt or missing, in a SQLServer installation it should be placed under: configuration-> episerver.baseLibrary -> objectStores -> add type="EPiServer.Implementation.SqlObjectStore, EPiServer.Implementation" id="default" -> parameter name="connectionString"…. Regards, Mattias Lövström
Sep 21, 2006 7:17
Sorry I saw that you are using Oracle, and then the syntax would be:
Sep 21, 2006 15:08
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