w3wp.exe consumes all CPU

We're experienceing slow performance on our EPiServer 4.51. The application pool process w3wp.exe consumes 100% of available CPU. This can go on for 30 minutes at a time. Then it'll take it ease for a couple of minutes, then boost of again. I've tried setting the EPnCachePolicyTimeout=3600, but so far no improvement I'm afraid. Any advice would be highly appreciated, cause this is not a good situation. This server is sweating blood at the time...
Jun 29, 2007 15:51
1) Check your own code. When a worker process pegs the CPU, it's usually caused by coding errors such as circular references (e.g. code that eventually calls itself inadvertely), multi-threading issues (e.g. bad locking strategy), and so on. If you want to find it quickly (of course you do), then create a process dump of the worker process when it's pegging the CPU, and analyze it in WinDBG with the help of SOS (see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/892277 ). If you aren't familiar with using a "real" debugger, it might be a bit challaging at first. There are, however, many tutorials on the net that will help you pretty far (Google!). 2) Call Microsoft PSS and let them help you. They have experts who will find the error in no-time, especially if you can provide them with a process dump. If it's caused by an ASP.NET bug, it won't cost you anything and you'll receieve a hotfix or a work-around.
Jul 10, 2007 1:29
Try using dotTrace to get a clue on what's taking so long to perform. Our company had to "rescue" a site built by a large well known swedish software company with similar problems. We ended up fixing it by optimizing two or three functions. Main problem was that hughe amounts of data was stored in the users profiles (+1000 rows of properties for some users) of which news was actually read (and also which wasn't read, hehe) which took forever to load. dotTrace is an awesome tool for finding these sorts of problems. // Björn Sållarp Avantime AB
Jul 16, 2007 14:35
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