Drag and Drop in FileManager fails



My customer really needs to be able to drag and drop multiple files from windows explorer to EPiServer FileManager, but it doesn´t work. I get the error Uppladdningen misslyckades med felkod [500]. I have installed version 2.3 of EPiServer Client Components on the client machine and restarted it but the problem remains. Have i missed something? Anyone has a solution?

Jun 11, 2009 10:37

Have you applied the correct access rights in admin mode?

Admin mode -> config tab ->  Permissions for functions
Make sure that the users have access to the "Allow advanced upload of files using...."

Can't see how that would generate a 500 error, but always start with the easiest solutions :-) 

Jun 11, 2009 16:08
Yes, i have tried both adding groups and users to the "Allow advanced upload of files using....". What does the 500 error mean technically?
Jun 11, 2009 16:42

500 is the Internal server error message. See a list of the different error codes at:

Do you have any logging on the server? It would be great to have some more information....

Have you tried the suggestions from this thread?:

And the blog entry "Office 2007 Mime Types (for IIS)" at http://www.epinova.no/no/Blog/episerver_blog/ 

Jun 11, 2009 16:49

Hi Tobias,

If you are using virtualPathNativeProvider then we have a registered bug against this issue which has already been fixed and will be shiped with SP2 release.  Here is bug id: Bug # 22493.

Sometimes when you do drag and drop having multiple files, it does upload 1 file and then returns error code 500.


EPiServer Support Team

Jun 11, 2009 17:27

Thanx but I found the cause myself. I use a theme-folder in which I have put the websites css-files. To be able to do that all the webpages need to have a head tag with the runat="server" attribute set. That is not the case with the episerver-pages in the OfficeIntegration-folder, the same goes for the pages in the EPiServerMail-folder. That causes the following runtime error(in the page /OfficeIntegration/HandleMultiUpload.aspx):

Server Error in '/' Application.
Using themed css files requires a header control on the page. (e.g. <head runat="server" />).

The solution is to disable themes for the OfficeIntegration-folder in web.config, like this:

<location path="sec/OfficeIntegration">
      <pages theme=""/>
        <allow users="*" />

The same goes for the EPiServerMail-folder:
<location path="EPiServerMail">
      <pages theme=""/>
        <deny users="?" />



Jun 11, 2009 17:39
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