EPiServer CMS5 R2 & IIS7 - IIS craching every 6-8 hrs


Hi there,

We have recently moved our web to run on Win2008/IIS7 and are experiencing problems with IIS crashing repeatedly.

Every 6-8 hrs it halts completely and needs to be resetted using iisreset.

Site ran fine on IIS6 as far as I know and the closest clue I have found is this: 


Right now I am upgrading development environment to R2 SP2 to see if that can help.

Any suggestions or experiences on the topis would be greately appreciated.



Jul 03, 2009 9:42


My memory is a bit fuzzy on this subject but I remember that a possible cause for  this behaviour is that IIS's rapid fail protection steps in. I.e. that a the number of unhandled exceptions within a given time span exceeds a certain threshold.

You can read a bit more about it here, the article also describes how to change the settings.

The thing to note here, though, is that ALL exceptions are normally caught by EPiServer's error handling, and, thus, will not trigger IIS's rapid fail protection. BUT, when an exception is thrown from within a scheduled job, which is run in it's own thread, the thread will terminate abnormally and the exception will end up for IIS to handle.


Try changing the settings for the rapid fail protection, maybe even disabling it, to see if that function is the cause for yor problem.

Check if you have any scheduled jobs that chronically fail, if so, try to disable them. If that solves the problem, look into rewriting the code for those jobs (if they are witten by you) to have a catch-all for all exceptions so that they don't leave the job thread.


Aug 17, 2009 10:41

Hi there and thanks a lot for your feedback.

Unfortunately the stop was completely silent and did not log anything in the event log.

Another funny(?) thing is that now the behaviour is completely gone, somewhere in mid-July the crashes stopped and it now runs without any stops.

Only thing we saw and corrected but without effect was a access rigths issue to a com object which the installer obviously missed.



Aug 31, 2009 14:23
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