Fix the ordering of dropdown lists in CMS admin



I noticed this issue when setting up a new product catalog: the dropdown lists DO NOT MAKE SENSE WHEN YOU ACTUALLY NEED TO FIND SOMETHING!

"Default Currency" shows "UAE Dirham" up top. "Netherlands Antillean Guilder" is fifth on the list. It's impossible to find your country on quick scan if it uses a currency that may be called differently - because you could be looking for British Pound, Pound Sterling, GBP, British Pound Sterling, etc. As the list is not sorted alphabetically, it's impossible to find what you're looking for without reading. Every. Single. Line. "Pound Sterling" appears below "Falkland Islands Pound".

Could we get _all_ dropdown lists sorted by their DISPLAY values alphabetically please? The same issue plagues Languages and Base Weight dropdown for example, where Pounds comes before "Kilograms" - instead of internal ID's, because it's pretty obvious why things are where they are when you realise that it's because "lbs" comes before "kg" and "UAE Dirham" is actually "AED"and "Netherlands Antillean Guilder" is "ANG". 

Mar 08, 2017 11:38
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