Insert/Edit Image popup not closing when clicking on "OK" and timeouts when going through the page tree


We noticed an issue with the Insert/Edit image in TINYMCE 

If you select and existing image, click on the button, everything works fine.

However, if you click on the button, insert a new image and click on OK, it inserts the image, but the Insert/Edit image screen is not closing.  If you hit ok again, it inserts another image.  If you hit cancle or the x in the corner, it closes.  Only the OK button seems to be be the issue when inserting a new image.

Also, we are exerencing a slowdown when opening pages through the page tree.  It's been taking forever to go between pages and it seems to occasionally get stuck on a "dojo.preventcache" call.  This is causing the "Preview Unavailable Failed to load the preview within the given time constraints." to display frequently.   

Anybody else seeing this?

Oct 14, 2020 22:43
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