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Can not go to media from XhtmlString when media is located in "For this block/Page"


Found in EPiServer.CMS 12.10 (EPiServer.CMS.UI 12.10)

Steps to reproduce:1. Create a block or Page with an XHtmlString property
2. Put a ImageFile in the "For this block" og "For this page" asset folder
3. Drag this Imagefile into the XHtmlString property
4. UPDATED: Make sure you have a displaytemplate for your ImageFile that renders someting else then an img tag. In my site I render a picture tag. 
5. Hold the mouse over the ImageFile inside the Xhtmlstring property

Expected: Click on "Edit" / "Rediger" opens the ImageFile in it's location.
Actual: Nothing happens when clicking on the Edit box.
Notes: The issue doesn't happen when the ImageFile is located in the global asset tree. I Have not tested with other blocktypes, only Image.

Edited, Aug 30, 2022 15:27

Hi Jørgen, I just tested with Episerver.CMS 12.10 and Episerver.CMS.UI 12.10, and it works for me with an image in  «for this page», inside a xhtmlstring property.

Note: it's not enought to «hold the mouse over the ImageFile inside the xhtmlstring property», I'll have to click the image once in order for the «Go to media» popup to show.

Aug 31, 2022 11:49

Thanks for testing. But I am adressing a litle different approach then what you have tested. When you use the Image icon in the tinymce editor and then links to the image, you will get the "Go to media" dialog. And it works! But when not using the image plugin in tinymce, and just drags the image file directly into the xhtmlstring property. Then you get a "Edit" dialog, and click on this dialog fails.

Edited, Aug 31, 2022 12:53


Apologies for replying to a year old thread, but did you ever solve this? I experience the exact same issue, and I cannot find anywhere else this issue has been discussed or acknowledged.

Sep 19, 2023 8:34
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