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How to extend the All Properties functionality in Compare different version mode in CMS 12 ?


We have a specific requirement to compare the different versions view in CMS Editor view. Based on the current version comparison view, clients are not able to see the difference between two versions due to lack of rendering issues for the specific properties like (List<T> types, Blocks, etc - they are not able see the full text). Currently we are using CMS12.3.x version.  

In any case, how can I customize the All Properties view under Compare different versions functionality? Any suggestions or resource links to the application.

Thanks in advance

Edited, Oct 31, 2022 16:48

Are you abe to provide a screenshot of what the Issue you are trying to resolve might be ? 

Below is a comparison example if an IList<ComplexType> Property 

Oct 31, 2022 19:44

Hi Minesh Shah (Netcel),

Sorry, I am not able to include any hyperlink.

I am trying to extended the existed compare different version due to following problems in current compare version screen:

  1. Reviewers are not able to see the full text if the text is too long in List<T>
  2. Navigation is difficult if we have more tabs (above 15 tabs) in couple of page.

To improve user experience of compare version view, I want to create new view which conatins JSON compare. Any Ideas on how to extended the new view in CMS12 ?

Nov 01, 2022 14:14

You can expand the compare view to include an option for JSON compare similar to what was done for Advaced Review (This was done for CMS11 but same concepts should apply for 12) 

Blog: Advanced Compare Mode - Grzegorz Wiecheć ( 

GIT: advanced-cms/advanced-compare: Episerver 11+ extension that enhances the Compare mode. (

Nov 01, 2022 15:49

Hi Minesh Shah (Netcel), 

   Thanks for providing the reference package url. We implemented our own extended compare view with the reference of built-in comparision functionality.

Nov 11, 2022 14:10

Great to hear Vijay if my suggestion and references to the advanced compare tool helped with your implementation are you able to mark it as solved :) 

Nov 11, 2022 14:14
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