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Migrating content from SharePoint to Optimizely CMS 12


Hi, is it possible to migrate content from SharePoint CMS to Optimizely CMS 12? I've seen a connector called Optimizely SharePoint connector 7. Is that connector outdated? 
If it is possible, what is the way to do it, like mapping the content types from SharePoint onto the content types on Optimizely. This is kind of a broad question, but any help would be appreciated.

Jan 24, 2023 14:25
Johan Kronberg - Jan 25, 2023 13:43
Is it a one time thing or should data be on both sides and in sync?
Tam Duc Ha Vo - Jan 26, 2023 7:59
Hi, yes, this is a one time thing. We want to move from SharePoint and only use Optimizely. We’ll probably have to migrate in batches depending on the size of the contents
Eric Herlitz - Jan 30, 2023 22:23
What version of SharePoint, OnPrem or Online?
Tam Duc Ha Vo - Feb 01, 2023 8:38
The version is SharePoint server 2019, and it's online. Or the hostname does not specify, so maybe it's onprem?

We are using CMS 12 by the way.

Jan 30, 2023 13:10

Since this is an OnPrem (as stated in the comments) you are better off using the Azure Graph API to get the information from SharePoint to CMS, depending on the complexity of your SharePoint installation this may be a gigantic task.

Now, automatic construction of content types may be possible using the new manifests (Content Definitions) in CMS but there are several concerns to be addressed before going there.

  • Structure
    • How will the structure of all SharePoint sites be mapped to CMS? Or possibly, will all SharePoint sites be mapped or just a specific one?
    • Construct a map of your SharePoint environment and how the structure in CMS will look.
  • Metadata, SharePoint has a very complex structure regarding Terms and Taxonomies, the Terms are "rich", and CMS does not have such complex Taxonomies. Will the CMS Categories be sufficient or do you plan to use any third-party solution?
  • Internal references, SharePoint often use list lookups etc to enrich content items, this would be (sort of) equal to ContentReferences in CMS. A problem when migrating such structures is that you can only link or refer to items that exist. Hence you need to migrate in several steps adding on properties like content references when they exist.
  • Documents, SharePoint is great at handling different types av documents while CMS is not, shall binary files be transferred or linked?

That's a few questions just to get you started. I've done a few migrations but typically end up setting up a structure with CMS with pre-specified content types, "synching" data from SharePoint using some custom-built sync tool which is able to map whatever's in SharePoint to CMS.

Feb 01, 2023 8:59
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