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Is Service Bus required for one instance



We have CMS  v12 and Commerce v14 and Optimizely instance hosted in Azure, not DXC. The setup is 1 App Service instance with 4 different websites configured in the same instance

According to the documentation the Service Bus is needed for load-balance setup, which is not the case.

- Do we need to have Service Bus configured for it to work or can I remove it?

- Is there any documentation or any place where we can identify what messages are sent to Service Bus? To identify and compare with our code in which scenarios requesting Episerver content it will trigger a Service Bus message

Jul 09, 2024 12:54

If your site is set up to run on a single instance and will always run on a single instance then I don't believe you should need to use service bus for remote events. If there's a possibility you may need to scale out beyond that one instance (license permitting), it might be worth leaving the service bus in place so that option is available to you.

The messages sent are primarily there to ensure that, when a content item is published, the relevant items in the caches on all instances are invalidated and rebuilt. If you're interested in what's being sent via service bus then you should be able to create an additional subscription to your service bus topic then, as I recall, you can view the messages it receives via the service bus explorer in Azure portal (or there's a standalone service bus explorer app if you prefer).

Jul 09, 2024 14:24

Hi Ricardo

If there is only one instance, and you will not scale up to more, then you don't need a Service Bus. It would just send to a topic, with no other subscribers.

If you don't configure an event provider, CMS will fall back to the NullEventProvider (which is just a black hole for the messages).

Jul 09, 2024 15:40

Thank you for all replies

Jul 10, 2024 5:55

As mentioned in previous emails, the only explicit usage for servicebus was is cache invalidation (when you install the CloudPlatform.Cms, it replaces the default event provider). However you need to make sure your 3rd parties are not relying on SB - for example using it for a queueing mechanism. It is not a very common use case, but it does happen 

Jul 10, 2024 8:41
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