Content Delivery API can't retrieve nested blocks from assets folder



We are having an issue with Content Delivery API while building new website. We build an accordion functionality using several blocks we put nested. So we have Accordion Container, Accordion Block and Text Block. Cointainer expects any amout of accordion blocks that had content area as content - it could be text block but it doesn't matter that much. 

So the problem is that if we build everything on a specific page - so container blocks appear in "For This Page" in the blocks folder everyhing works perfectly. 

But if we create shared block (under "For all Sites" and any\or non folder under it) AND then create internal content in that block (so content appear under "For this block" panel) API can't retrieve content for these internal blocks

Calling api/episerver/v2.0/content/15388 where 15388 is a Accordion Block ID. 

{"error":{"code":"NotFound","message":"Content was not found","target":null,"details":[]}}

Interesting though is that if ALL blocks are created under "For all sites" panel and then just group by inside each other - everything works perfectly and content is available.
I suspect that blocks created in a block under "For this block" is not available via API for some reason. Is that by design ? Can there be a workaround for that ?

Any advice would be appreciated 

Sep 28, 2021 10:34

I did some more research. Seems like the asset folder that is created for pages and forms (the one that is "For this page" or "For this form") is not available via content delivery API. Every time I send request - it is just 404 Content not Found error. Any suggestions how that can be resolved ? These folders suppose to get same access rights from the global. And I have them public anyway.. So I wonder what could be my next step ?

Nov 01, 2021 19:10
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