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Content not found 404 issue


Hi Team,

   We have build our own DAM just like media tab which contains all the external images. We have also created one job schedular which is refreshing the DAM images.

   I have referred few images from DAM into the page and published, It is reflecting into the website and api is also returning the correct data. But when I run the job schedular to refresh the DAM images . Our job runs successfully and those images which I referred into the page that is also available in the DAM.

After the job run successfully I am trying to get the page details through api but it is giving the 404 error. I am facing this issue only on Preproduction and Production

environment and when server is getting restart the api is working fine. I haven't faced this issue on Integration environment.

Looking for help...!  Any help would be appreciated

Here is the api response.

    "title""Not Found",
    "detail""Content not found",
Edited, Dec 28, 2022 11:54

What does your request look like? Can you access the content item with ID 715 in edit mode? Does the 'Everyone' role have access to the content, and/or is the request authenticated? Is it only available in a specific language, and do you request that language?

Dec 28, 2022 15:39

Hi Johan Petersson

   Thank you for your response.

   I am able to access the content item with ID 715 in edit mode and everyone role have access to the content. We are not using any authentication for the the content delivery api. I am also able to access the the content item with ID 715 through the api. But the problem I am facing after run the job schedular when Our DAM getting refreshed after that the api is giving the 404 error and once server is getting restart again it is working fine.

Jan 02, 2023 6:01

Hi Team,

  I am still looking for a solution. Can anyone have any idea ?

Jan 06, 2023 10:30

How are you accessing the content item, what does the request look like?

Jan 09, 2023 8:41
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