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Can't get static file/image hosting to work


On my dev machine, I have a headless version of optimizely running.

In the cms when uploading an image (vf.jpg) it creates a apps\optimizely\App_Data\blobs\4f4864ab0dbd41aa8065dca34377ce24\47549b475bbe41bfb62a31b70a8e25a4.jpg file on the file system.

The image thumbnail does show a thumbnail version of the image. The image preview does not. It gives me 2 404's



http://localhost:8000/EPiServer/CMS/Content/globalassets/vf.jpg,,48?epieditmode=False and http://localhost:8000/EPiServer/CMS/ImageEditor/GetImage?epieditmode=true&zoom=100&quality=100&img=http://localhost:8000/EPiServer/CMS/Content/globalassets/vf.jpg,,47?epieditmode=False&commands=

Also calling http://localhost:8000/EPiServer/CMS/Content/globalassets/vf.jpg from the browser gives a 404.

In the startup.cs I use:

app.UseStaticFiles(); // Existing static files middleware

    // Add the new static files middleware to serve files from the blob storage folder
    app.UseStaticFiles(new StaticFileOptions
        FileProvider = new BlobFileProvider(
            Path.Combine(env.ContentRootPath, "App_Data", "blobs")),
        RequestPath = "/EPiServer/CMS/Content/globalassets"

and blobfileprovider looking like:

using Microsoft.Extensions.FileProviders;
using Microsoft.Extensions.Primitives;
using System;
using System.IO;

public class BlobFileProvider : IFileProvider
  private readonly string _root;

  public BlobFileProvider(string root)
    _root = root;

  public IDirectoryContents GetDirectoryContents(string subpath)
    return new PhysicalFileProvider(_root).GetDirectoryContents(subpath);

  public IFileInfo GetFileInfo(string subpath)
    string[] pathSegments = subpath.Split(new[] { "/globalassets/" }, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);

    if (pathSegments.Length != 1)
      return new NotFoundFileInfo(subpath);

    string newPath = Path.Combine(_root, pathSegments[0].Replace('/', '\\'));
    return new PhysicalFileProvider(Path.GetDirectoryName(newPath)).GetFileInfo(Path.GetFileName(newPath));

  public IChangeToken Watch(string filter)
    return new PhysicalFileProvider(_root).Watch(filter);

  IChangeToken IFileProvider.Watch(string filter)
    throw new NotImplementedException();

Im new to optimizely (headless). Any idea what im doing wrong?

May 10, 2023 11:25

May I ask why you have your own file provider? CMS already ships with a blob handler that serves files uploaded to the CMS. A static file provider serves files from the local filesystem, files uploaded in CMS are not necessary stored on the local filesystem. Having a static file provider won't support horizontal scaling of the application either, unless you store them on a common file share, or sync them between the instances. If you deploy to e.g. Azure Web apps, local files are not persisted, they are removed when the instances are removed due to the application scaling back.

The URLs that 404's, are using routing, and are routed to the built-in blob handler. With your static file handler, the URLs to the files are completely different, they should match the exact structure as the local filesystem.

Edited, May 10, 2023 13:13

i couldnt get the out of box to work. No matter what i try.

May 10, 2023 13:17

How does your appsettings.config (or appsettings.developmen.json) look like?

May 10, 2023 13:22
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