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Where can I find contentassets folder?


Hello guys,

I have designed a form, where users can upload a file from their computers. Problem is, the uploaded image string from database shows that it exists in (contentassets/....) folder.

Where can I find that? And how can I also give an order to the form to store the images anywhere else I want?


Oct 09, 2018 14:49

You can find all your uploaded files included the ones uploaded by the user using a form in the Project\App_Data\blobs. I am not completly sure you can see the form uploaded file from the assets panel at the right corner, but in form submissions you can see the image by clicking the link in the corresponding field

In addition, you can decide where to store the images by implementing a custom actor

maybe a webhook

Oct 09, 2018 17:30

Hi Sherif,

If I understod you correctly you want to see the uploaded files in Episerver edit mode?

If that was the case then you need to go to your form and view the form submissions.

  • on right panel in Episerver edit mode (assuming you are using the default gadgets setup)
  • go to the Forms tab
  • click the menu button on the form and select Form submissions
  • in this view you can see all the information about the submitted form including the submitted file
    • clicking the file name open the file in a new window/tab in your browser

Other way to see the files in Edit mode is to

  • go to the forms tab
  • from the form menu select edit to edit the form
  • next edit the File upload field on the form (the File upload element)
  • now select the media tab
  • then select the 'For this block' folder
  • below it is a folder 'Uploaded files' so select this folder
  • below this folder you can see all the uploaded files for the form
    • and you can download the files from here

Where the files are physically? They are on your disk where ever you have configured the blobs to be stored. As already pointed out by Jorge (default place is where your appData basepath points to + /blobs/).

If you want to change where uploaded files  (from Forms) are stored then have a look at post by Alf Nilsson.

Oct 09, 2018 21:24
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