Indexing attachments/files not working


Is the scheduled job supposed to also to indexing of all files in VPP? And is there any logging for that so I can see it really happened?


I have plenty of files, but when I just do a simple query like:

var res = SearchClient.Instance.Search<UnifiedFile>()


result contains no files

happy coding!


Sep 26, 2012 13:26

Hi Fredrik,

Files can be indexed in an eventdriven way as well as with the scheduled job, as with pages. However, this functionality isn't enabled by default as what files should be indexed varies from site to site. There's some documentation on how to enable it here under the VPP headline.

Sep 26, 2012 14:10

Hi Joel,

thanks a lot, I don't know why I didn't see that documentation at first when I was searching for it.

I added the "FileIndexer.Instance.Conventions.ShouldIndexVPPConvention = new VisibleInFilemanagerVPPIndexingConvention();" to Application_Start in global asax and now I can watch the index job output about files being indexed.

Sep 26, 2012 14:24

However there is still one thing that I can't figure out about this, is it possible to say explicitly what vpp folders to index? like "/global/stadgar/" ?

Edited, Sep 26, 2012 14:39

Sure, in code (which means one could create code that checked a config file as well). I don't know the exact name of the interface but you can either create your own convention that implements the interface (look at the type of the ShouldIndexVPPConvention to see what interface it is) or inherit VisibleInFilemanagerVPPIndexingConvention and override the method.

Sep 26, 2012 14:42

However, it seems like this row does not index all vpp files after all...

FileIndexer.Instance.Conventions.ShouldIndexVPPConvention = new VisibleInFilemanagerVPPIndexingConvention();

the vpp "Documents" section is missing, no files are indexed, is there anything I could do to enable this area? I think I have read through that page about VPP indexing now... can't find anything about this..

It is actually working, seems like it is ok, ignore this post totally :-)

Edited, Oct 01, 2012 15:48
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