Issue with the 'EPiServer Find Content Indexing Job' and multiple languages



We are currently building a multi lingual site using EPiServer.Find 7.5.450.89 with EPiServer CMS and EPiServer Commerce 7.7.2.

We have a test site containing both CMS and Commerce content in four languages, en (master language), en-gb, en-za and fr and a development find index with English, French, Spanish and German enabled.

When we run the ‘EPiServer Find Content Indexing Job’ it successfully indexes content, but in the Find summary tools it reports only one language, en, has been indexed, ignoring the content in the other three languages.

Later, when we edited a page which exists in all four languages, the number of pages increases by three and the Find summary states we now have four languages in the index.

We have also created our own ReIndexer, following Jonas Bergqvist’s blog post ( to allow Commerce content to be indexed. When using this, again, we also only have the master language indexed, all other content seems to be ignored.

While debugging this, I ran the service with our ReIndexer and checked that the ReindexTarget that was returned had its Languages property set to all four of the supported languages.

We are at a point where we do not want to upgrade unless we have no choice, so we wanted to know if this is an issue that has been reported to EPiServer and if so, had been fixed in a later release of EPiServer Find or if there is a work around?

Jun 20, 2014 18:00
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