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Scoring and relevance, old article gets higher score then the new one


I'm using UnifiedSearch, a simple search like this:


I know that this example is stupid and not a real world example but it's an easy way to reproduce the error.

I have two identical pages, except that one page is older (Document.PublishDate and Document.UpdateDate) and of course the url segment is different. The older page gets a higher score which must be wrong? I tried to boost the date but it seems like that's not possible when using UnifiedSearch? Is it possible to alter the default behavior so new articles are rated with a higher score?

- Marcus

Aug 09, 2016 13:33

Check the differences on the pages in the episerver Find explore view. The date should not matter. The url segment could affect the score though.
Also, consider using UnifiedSearchFor instead, it will search in the default field, such as SearchTitle, SearchText, SearchSummary, SearchAttachment.

However, it you want newer documents to get a higher score. You could use Auto Boost

Aug 09, 2016 14:58

I have checked for differences using a diff tool and it's only the dates and some guids that are different.

Ok, so you don't think that a newer date should generate a higher score? I thought so, hence my question.

Aug 09, 2016 16:19

Then the score should be the same, unless auto boosting or other boosting has been used. I'm not sure why you are seeing a different score. Have you tried specifying search fields? (InField(..)) 

If you really want to dig into it, you could look at the score explanation from elastic search. You could do this by browsing to http://your_service_url/your_default_Index/_search?q=SomeQuery&explain 

replace your_service_url, your_default_Index with the values from web.config and replace the query with something that would make sense to you. By doing this you'll get to set the search source with score explanation. 

It's in Json format, so JSONView for Chromeis quite handy.

Aug 09, 2016 16:34

I have submitted an issue to the Find team with the data I extracted. I'll do a follow up when I get the answer, thanks for the help.

- Marcus

Aug 10, 2016 8:13
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