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Unclear documentation for autoboosting with decay



I'm have a hard time understanding and using autoboosting with decay.

The customer wants newer pages to generally be more relevant.

The documentation is quite unclear in my opinion:

The example in the beginning uses TimeSpan.FromDays(14) as decayScale

Then the tables explaning the effect mentions "20" as a value for decayScale. 20 what? Days?

Then in the spreadsheet example that is linked where you can test the effect scale has a value of 0,1.

I have tried setting different values in my code (that looks pretty much like the first example in the documentation), but I can't se any effect no matter what I set decayScale to...

Hope someone can help, and please make the documentation more clear.

Edited, Sep 30, 2016 10:26

After reading the documentation a couple of times I think I'm starting to get it;

The decayScale parameter sets the point in time where the boost for date should have faded 50%.

So, a short decayScale boosts hits that are close in time more, and hits that are further away in time less.

In my opinion it should be possible to leave out this parameter and just get a straight curve.

Oct 04, 2016 8:56
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