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Epifind search by text with special symbols


Hello, we have variations with codes which contain dash e.g. S-1234. I know that dash is one of special symbols in epifind (we are using epifind provider). Currently when I'm trying to search by S-1234 the result includes all records (I assume that it because all variants have S before dash). Is it possible to escape '-' so when I search by 'S-1234' I will have only one record in the result?

Jan 20, 2017 21:02

Create an additional non-editable field on the variation that indexes the code without the special characters. So in your example, it would index "S1234". Then if someone searches for "S-1234", remove the special characters in the backend before perform the actual search, and use that "cleaned" query to search specifically on that custom field you added.

Jan 20, 2017 21:58

Thank you Chris for your reply. BTW we are already using this approach and it works. The reason why I asked about it is a problem with search in Commerce Manager admin gadget. As far as I know Commerce Manager searches based on FindDocument objects which include standard fields (Code, Name, etc.). The problem is that I was not able to add custom field (code without special characters) to FindDocument object. So currently search by 'S-1234' works in application but I can't find variation by code "S-1234" in Commerce Manager admin search (it returns all records). Do you know whether it's possible to expand the number of searchable fields in Commerce Manager admin gadget with custom property?

Jan 20, 2017 22:55
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