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Why does my Unified Search does not return some content?


I have several content types which inherit from a base class 'ProductBase' which in turn derives from PageData.

In my find initialization module, I call:


But when I perform a UnifiedSearch, I get no results, even though I can see the items in the index, and the results come back correctly for a typed search.

var us1 = SearchClient.Instance.UnifiedSearch().For("sable").GetResult();
var ss1 = SearchClient.Instance.Search().For("sable").GetContentResult();

us1 = 0 hits, ss1 = 6 hits.

Unified search is generally working correctly - other pages come back depending on the query, but just not product content for some reason.

Examining the find index, I can see the SearchTitle and SearchText field on the content type both contain content, but they just aren't getting picked up.

What can I do to try to determine why the results are not coming back? What content gets filtered out of unified searches by default, if any?


Oct 09, 2018 23:33

Also, this is with Find 13.0.4, and Epi 11.10.4.

Oct 10, 2018 2:26

Alright, with alot of trial an error, I think I've determined something relevant. 

The content in question (ProductBase) inherits from PageData, but didn't have it's own Controller type to render it.  The content was being included in other sections as part of catalog functionality only at this point.

If, at the time of indexing, there is no controller to render the content type, it seems like it is omitted from UnifiedSearch results, even though it comes back in the typed search results.

When I added a controller to start working on the detail page for the content type, the Find results started working as expected following the next full reindex.

Can anyone confirm this is the case, and whether there is a way to 'opt out' or get around whatever is filtering the results out for UnifiedSearch?

Oct 10, 2018 15:32
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