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How Does Find Work WIth Non-Standard Locales


I'm working on a  project with Find and Commerce.  The client is suggesting for us to use non-standard locales within their website to help them manage content, does anyone know if find can cope with non-standard locales?

My recommendation would always go with an ISO standard, why reinvent the wheel right?  However, what I think is good and what I end up sometimes writing can be different.  The client has a third-party PIM where this approach makes sense if you come at it with a PIM first approach.

Let's say we have a website with three languages enabled:

EN - global English

Iran - ir-en (This is a non-standard locale, they have made up). 

Iran - fa-ir

This is so they can have a global English site, an Iran site in Iranian a specific Iran tailored English site, in this approach we use locale as a market identifier, rather than an actual locale, e.g. it's a way of not having to create subsites for different languages.

In commerce is I try and add a market with 'ir-en' an invalid locale, if the locale is not set on the server, an exception is thrown.  I then have to run some powershell script to regsiter it.

Will find be able to cope with this?  Obviously, find won't be able to run this powershell script?  In the background does find create a locale object on my content, or, does all the locale look-ups work based on a string identifier?

If I create content in find, 

Feb 08, 2018 11:59


Find will basically just use the locale that was stored in CMS/Commerce. There shouldn't be any problem indexing the content. The problematic part might be querying, when desciding which analyzor to use for a search. This is also duable for the search query on the public site. The place where the customer might get problems, and where you can't customize this, is in the Find UI.

Feb 13, 2018 6:30
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