Episerver Find Convention Include Setter Ignore



I have no issues in adding fields so that they get indexed properly in Find and usable for filtering/sorting etc...

Now for performance reasons (The example bellow is a simple example) I would like that returned search results be directly hydrated from the Find Search result.

The conventions:

protected void ApplyNodeContentConventions(EPiServer.Find.ClientConventions.TypeConventionBuilder<FoodNode> conventionBuilder)
            //Add custom field to search index            
            conventionBuilder.IncludeField(x => x.DefaultImageUrl(), (x, value) => x.SetDefaultImage(value)); 

The Search Query:

            var resultsN = _findClient.Search<FoodNode>().PublishedInCurrentLanguage()
                                                        .Filter(i => i.DefaultImageUrl().Exists())

The Setter is never called when the results return. (I tried with GetContentResult without success)
This gives performance issue because for each results I now have to call the asset loader... I think it could be avoided since the DefaultImageUrl is part of the Find result payload.

I followed the documentation from here: https://world.episerver.com/documentation/Items/Developers-Guide/EPiServer-Find/9/DotNET-Client-API/Customizing-serialization/Including-fields/ 

Feb 06, 2019 19:30
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