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Indexing Media Asset files to show in Asset Pane search



We are using Episerver CMS 11 hosted on DXC cloud. We have stored our media files in Blob Storage. We are using Epi find for search and have skip media files from indexing as those are large in numbers and size and can affect limit of Indexing server and may lead to site down in case of overhead on Application server. 

But, because of this editors are not able to search files in Asset Pane search.

Is there any way by which we can only index Metadata, link of these media files so that we dont have to  index content and we will be able to show files in Asset pane using Epi Find?

If this is not possible, Admin wants to have some report where we can show the files metadata. I am thinking of creating Azure function/Event Grid in Azure Cloud from where I will be able to read Blob storage and can create report based on that, by this application server will not be having any performance issue and report will be externally generated. Any feedback on this solution? Do you feel better solution than this?

Thanks & Regards,


Sep 14, 2020 7:58

Hi Sanket

What type of media files are you referring to? Image type file should only have meta information stored in Episerver Search & Nagivation. For document type file, you should be able to exclude attachment, you can find implementation details from developer doc

Personally, I would ask your client to reach out to their Episerver account manager first to see if it is possible to get larger index instead of rolling out custom solution. 

I hope above helps.

Sep 23, 2020 3:14

Yeah exactly, when you index media, only the metadata is indexed, not the binary. Only with document like doc or pdf files you have options to index the content as well. 

Note that each media will be counted as a document, so if you have a lot of assets those will be counted toward your Find index, which might affect your subscription level

Sep 23, 2020 7:53
- Nov 26, 2020 13:47
Hi Quan,
What did you mean by "Only with document like doc or pdf files you have options to index the content as well." ?
What are the options?

Thank you
Quan Mai - Nov 26, 2020 14:00
You can use IAttachmentHelper to index content of doc or pdf files.
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