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sequential \ parallell workflow is not sending feedback mail to page creator


Hi All,

Today i tried to configuring workflows in my site (developed on episerver 7). I found one major issue and other surprising issues while working with them. 

Major issue : "When we use built in sequential/parallel workflow it is not sending feefback mail (i.e. approved or rejected once it is approved or rejected by approvers). please note that it is sending request for approval to approver group when a page is created." 

along with that following observations are made.

1) I have created a sample enoteca site and created two groups "TestEditors","TestApprovers" and two users one for each group and assigned necessary access rights.

2) I have created a clone to sequential workflow with the following settigns 

     start parameter : " page checkedin " , page type : "Standard page" , approvers : "TestApprovers" group  and saved settings.

3) I have loged in as "testeditor" and created a standard page and clicked on "Ready to publish" - workflow started and "TestAdministrator" got a request mail to approve it.

4) Now i looged in as "TestApprover" group user then found following interesting observations (note that i made the comparision in episerver legacy mode(episerver 6 mode by appending "http://localhost:xxxx/episerver/cms/edit) and episerver 7 mode

 a) when TestApprover logs in he could not see any "GroupTasks" ( note that in episerver 6 mode we have group tasks where he can click to open approve or reject popup with message box) ----> why no such functionality in Episerver 7 ??

b) TestApprover can not see "approve" or "reject"  options instead he could see only "approve and publish" and "reject changes" option is available .( please note that in episerver 6 mode we have approve or reject ) -- why no approve or reject in episerver 7 ??

c) When i clicked on "approve and publish" it is directly published and did not ask for any message to send back (but in Episerver 6 we have message box where approver can send his comments to editor when he approve or rejects)  --> why no such functionality implemented in Episerver 7 or did i miss any thing while configuring ??

d) finally no mail is sent to "testeditor" when "Test approver" approves or rejects  ( but mail is sent to editor when approved or rejected in Episerver 6 mode) -- > Why mail sending is not working in episerver 7 mode ??

please guide me how to resolve or workaround for the above issues or if i need additional steps to make it work. 

Thanks in Advance 



Oct 04, 2013 18:48

please reply

Oct 07, 2013 9:58

Judging by your cross-posting, your problem seems to be critical to you. But it doesn't seem any community users have an answer for you, so you should open a support ticket with EPiServer directly:

Hope they can help you along. And if you find the answer to this, please share it in this thread, I'm sure it will be useful for others.

Oct 09, 2013 10:28

@Arild Henrichsen thanks for the reply , I have sent the issue as a bug report to Episerver team. but meanwhile can anybody address some of the issues in the above scenario ? It will be very helpful for me.

Thanks in advance


Oct 10, 2013 7:25

Hi, nani

Do not know, if you seen this, but Episerver support sent me this:

"Workflows haven't changed since CMS 6 R2, so there is CMS 6 R2 workflow source code you can look at to help you change the behavior of your workflows, such as Feedback Workflow: There is a link in the blog post.


I know you've seen this document already, but when working with the workflows, you'll want to focus on the section "Task Related Activities" -"

Maybe you would be able to gain some added value out of there...

Oct 24, 2013 18:35
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