Three blocks per row from ContentArea


I'm in my first EPi7 project and probably miss some basic knowlege regarding rendering of ContentAreas and ContentReference.

I have a fairly simple task - I would like to render three "Teasers" on one row. Decided I would use the new EPiServer Blocks for this and created a ContentArea (on PageType model) to hold these. I also created a simple BlockType and BlockControl to for viewing block.

Then I used the:

<EPiServer:Property ID="pArea" PropertyName="TeaserContentArea" runat="server" />

Shows my blocks in one long row.

But what if I want every third block to be shown in new row, which is the simlest way to accomplish this?

  1. Can I iterate threw all blocks in TeaserContentArea.Contents and use Contents <EPiServer:Property ...> on every item, can I make this go threw the normal "rendering process" which will select most suitable template the same way using <EPiServer:Property ...> straight on my TeaserContentArea?
  2. At this time I don't need to show more then three teasers so one alternative was to have three containers on the page. I added three ContentReference properties on my page and tryed to show the blocks using <EPiServer:Property PropertyName="Teaser1" ...> but this only showed the ID (I think) of the Block/Page. Is there a way to get the right template rendered using ContentReference or should I use som other Property type?

I also seen there was a EPiBoost package which extended EPiServer ContentArea rendering with "ItemsPerRow", unfortunately this is made for MVC and I'm using webforms in my project.

I also know the Alloy example project has overwritten the ContentArea rendering and I could probably try to use that as a base but it's far more complicated then what I'm trying to accomplish, is this really the right way to go?

Feb 19, 2013 14:11


I would recommend looking at/copying the content area rendering from Alloy and remove things you don't need.

Alternatively you could render the content area yourself and render the blocks using an EPiServer:ContentRenderer control but eventhough it may seem like more work at first I think the solution in Alloy is the way to go as you won't be reinventing content area rendering (which included circular reference checks etc), just modifying it.

Feb 19, 2013 15:09
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