Mirror page properties in SidSettingsArea plugin



I have created a SidSettingsArea plugin for user profile information which creates a page for each user and stores the values in the page properties (this is done for ease of searching), so really the plugin is basicaly acting as a mirror to the edit page for the user profile template.

 This has been easy enough so far as it has mainly been text boxes, however now we have added a coupld of the more complex property types, and was wondering if there was a way to use the controls from the property edit screen within my admin interface? or will I have to make my own versions?

Many thanks


Feb 19, 2009 13:42
You can ask a property for it's WebControl and set it into edit mode.
IPropertyControl control = PropertyControlClassFactory.Instance.
if (control != null)
control.PropertyData = myPage.Property["YourProperty"];
control.Properties = myPage.Property;
control.RenderType = RenderType.Edit;
myPanel.Controls.Add((Control) control);

It is also possible to put your PropertyDataControl subclass in your aspx/ascx file as a web control and assign the values above.


Feb 19, 2009 14:45
That sort of works, but it doesn't seem to like anything that needs to register a script like a file or link selector.
Feb 19, 2009 15:33
The XHtmlEditor assumes a lot about it's sorrundings. Like that is is placed on a subclass of PageBase, etc.
Mar 05, 2009 11:47
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