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Workflow calling workflow

Hey I am new to EPiServer and Workflows and have an assignment atm. that I hope someone is able to help me with. I am to create a toolbox of workflow elements (etc. Send e-mail to dynamically selected group with runtime decided content and cc to webmaster) these element are to be deployed to EPiServer In EPiServer the administrator should then setup the workflow progress with "Auto start workflow X and once its closed run workflow Y" the informations should then be forwarded from workflow X to workflow Y The question is now 1. Is it posible to make a dynamically workflow like this? 2. If it is posible how do you forward informations from one workflow to another? Thanks for your help Best Regards Simon
Mar 01, 2011 15:18

My collegue Mark Everard has a nice series on putting a custom workflow together so maybe this can help:

Mar 01, 2011 18:57

I have already looked at it along with a huge collection of links about workflow from another page (Dont remember the link right now and its on another computer).


All the workflows I have found know at programming time that after event X comes event Y or Z and we therefor need to run them with this group of parameters. All that can be solved programming time.

What I need is a way to go from a known workflow to a unknown workflow (programming time) This workflow need to have a set of start parameters (with the loadstartparameters method). The action to load is known runtime but not programming time and its not an option to include a method to include each and every action in every workflow.


Have been looking some more and it seems a posible way to solve this is by storing the information in a temponary place and let every action look there for informations to load when they start. But it gives alot of problems with how to make sure the informations are the right one if there is more than one workflow running at a time.


Best Regards


Edited, Mar 01, 2011 20:05

What you can do in EPiServer is that you can configure a workflow to be automatically started whenever another workflow of a specified definition completes.

The workflow runtime in EPiServer will in that case scan through all public properties on the workflow type for both the completing and starting types and all properties that match both in name and type will be read from the completing instance and written to the starting instance. 

So if for example both the completing and starting workflow types have a public property Email of type string then the value of Email will be "passed" from the completing instance to the starting instance.

Mar 03, 2011 15:12

Great thanks :)

Mar 07, 2011 9:45
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