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Problems with Access Levels for languages



When reading the Administrator's guide I thought this should be easy but I have run into big trouble...

What I want to achieve:

Restrict the edit possibilities of a page such that specific groups (GermanEditors, ItalianEditors, ...) only can edit the page in a certain language.
Example: If user Heinrich, member of group GermanEditors, logs in, he shall be able to edit an existing page in the german language only. If a german version does not exists, he shall be able to create it. This means he should not be able to create the page in e.g. italian, or touch anything of the main/default version of the page (english). The same applies to editors of other nationalities.

What I have done:

  1. Enabled globalization, added and enabled all required languages.
  2. Created a group for each editor type, i.e. GermanEditors, ItalianEditors, ... , and assigned some users to the groups.
  3. In Admin Mode, for each enabled language, I have restricted the access level to only include the corresponding group, e.g. the german language provides access level [Change] only for the group GermanEditors (Change-checkbox checked).
  4. Added a virtual role Editors in episerver.config that maps any of the GermanEditorsItalianEditors,... to this role. In web.config, I allow access to Edit Mode for the Editors role. This ensure that any kind of editors may enter Edit Mode.

Now, what happens when I login with the german editor Heinrich is that, the tree structure is displayed in german and all pages (currently in english only) are displayed with an american flag icon and a padlock icon. This is all fine and expected.

The problem now is that I cannot create a german language version for a particular page because I have no change rights for this page. If I edit the Page Access Rights for this page by adding the Editors role (again, virtual role just to include all the other editor roles) with the Change-flag, the page is not locked anymore and I can add a new version in german, BUT now this user is able to edit the original english page as well...

So, how can I restrict this german user (or group of users) from editing the original english page, and at the same time allowing him to create and edit this page in the german language? I have played around with the settings for some hours now but cannot figure it out. This gotta be a very common scenario, so I am probably missing something...

Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated!  

Mar 25, 2011 2:39


Seems that you have enabled fall back language and is getting into a known bug where the fallback language will be selected in edit mode (even if you don't have access to this page language). This bug has been fixed in CMS 6 R2 which is about to be released pretty soon. The alternative is to temporary disable fallback languages until you can upgrade if that is possible.

Linus Ekström
EPiServer Development Team

Mar 25, 2011 12:08

Thanks, this bug (#26886) is exactly what I got. Your suggestion of temporarily disable fallback language seems to do the trick.

Mar 25, 2011 13:03
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