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Episerver Subscriptions


I want to use Subscriptions so Admin users can subscribe to content, and then when pages are created (or “Marked as changed” in edit mode) an e-mail is sent to the subscribers based on a configurable e-mail template.

But I cant seem to find any information on what we need, how to set up the pages and where we can set up the subscribers etc. I can see the Scheduled task but nothing else.

Can anyone point me in a direction to set up instructions?

Many thanks


Jonathan Roberts

Apr 16, 2013 14:15


To be able to send emails for latest  pages example news & events, make sure that users are subscribed to these pages and subscription is activated on parent nodes by selecting "Activate Subscription" from edit mode on a page. 

In AlloyTech site, there is page called "Subscription" , there the users can subscribes to available pages. 

 Subscription job, takes all pages (subscription activated) and takes the "changed" pages or newly created pages underneath those page(s) and send the subscription emails to the "subscribed" users.

See the subscription information in Editor's manuall. "Activate Subscription" & "Mark Page as Changed".

Hope it helps.

Apr 16, 2013 15:52


Thanks for your replies. If I click on Settings for any page on the site I dont see Activate Subscription. The list only goes as far as Mark
Page as Changed

Do I need to add anything in the webconfig?

Apr 16, 2013 16:29

Your PageType needs to have a property named EPSUBSCRIBE (Selected/not selected) for this to work. If it's not there, add it.

It might already be there but hidden in edit mode. To check, do this:

  • Go to admin mode
  • Click Pagetypes tab
  • Click your pagetype
  • If there is no EPSUBSCRIBE property, create it.
  • If there is an EPSUBSCRIBE property, click it and see if "Display in Edit Mode" is checked or not.


Edited, Apr 16, 2013 16:43

Cool, great. Many thanks for all your help. :)

Apr 16, 2013 16:43

Hi, I have added it to my PageType and it doesnt show in the Settings or content tab.

Is there a webconfig setting I need to add?

Apr 16, 2013 17:53

You don't have to add anything in web.config to make the EPSUBSCRIBE property show.

When you created the property on one of your pagetypes, check that:

  • you placed it on the Settings or Content tab (the bottom dropdownlist when creating the property)
  • you checked the "Display in Edit mode" box
  • the property is not removed or overwritten by settings in your code (e.g. if using PageTypeBuilder)

Adding this property is no different from adding any other pagetype property.

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Apr 16, 2013 23:59
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