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One way cache notification


Hi all,

Our customer have one web server dedicated for editing and one public web server for displaying the site. The edit server is located inside their internal net. When a change is made on the edit server the server must notify the public server. The public server will not have access rights to initiate communication to the edit server.

Is it possible to achieve a one way cache notification in CMS 5 R1 (SP3) just by adding the public server in remoteCacheListenerShortNames on the edit server? Must the public server be able to respond to the cache notification?

Dec 18, 2008 17:30

I'm facing a similar situation.

What's the difference between using the remoteCacheListenerShortNames-key to notify listeners or using the enableRemoteEvents-key to send UDP messages?

How are the messages used by remoteCacheListenerShortNames sent? UDP, TCP?


Peter Bergqvist

Jan 13, 2009 11:17

EPiServer are using a home made UDP broadcast endpoint from a sample for WCF to handle transport of cache invalidation. I do not recall exactly when they changed from Web Service Calls to WCF for notification (but I think it was introduced in R1 SP1).

So to get it to work, configure the firewall to allow UDP brodcast from inside to outside and it should work. Do notice that the IP in the example is a special multi-cast address and that is always an intresting problem to route :-) Read more about Cache Update and Load Balancing for EPiServer CMS 5 in this article.

Since it is WCF I guess it would be possible to configure it to transport data in other means too by changing the config file.

Jan 13, 2009 12:03

hehe yes I'm experiencing the "problem to route". So, are you saying that the feature with "remoteCacheListenerShortNames" is obsolete in EPiServer 5 R2?

I've been struggling with cache invalidation since we launched a new site. UDP messages aren't reaching the public servers so I've considered to use the "remoteCacheListenerShortNames"-key instead.

We have the same setup as Tobias except for a second public server for load balance.

Jan 13, 2009 12:51
I played around with the configuration for the "EPiServerRemoteEventsListener" tool and changed protocol from udp to tcp.

These messages are reaching the public servers, but I haven't found a way to send the tcp message to two endpoints.

A tcp-configuration for a client looks like this:

  <cliet><endpoint name="RemoteEventServiceClientEndPoint" address="net.tcp://server1:5000/RemoteEventService" [cut] binding="netTcpBinding" /></client>

The problem with two endpoints is that the name must be as specified in example and you cannot have two endpoints with the same name (at least for the configuration in the test tool).

Is it possible to set two addresses and still use tcp?

Edited, Jan 13, 2009 13:07
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