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Request: Stable Releases


When you have a large solution - multisite CMS with Commerce - upgrading packages do almost always mean, getting new bugs. And if you are fast on updates, you will most probably be the one debugging for hours and doing the job with/for Episerver developer support.

I suggest stable releases! Together with continuous releases.

What if Episerver could pin-point some versions on their main product packages every year that will only get updated with bug fixes, and not features or major underlying hidden changes (cause it does happen).

Example: Last versions before major versioning should always be upgraded with known bugs.

Meaning if version 12.18.2 is the latest version before 13.0, and if bugs exists and is found in 12, it should be fixed to that stable version. e.g. 12.18.3 and the latest 13.0.1 and so forth until Episerver pin-points a new stable version, e.g. 13.6. And then probably the last version of 13.

Another problem today is if you are on last version before major versioning and have a critical bug, you need to upgrade even if thats wasn't the plan, because the bug fix is only applied to latest package. Customer no happy face.

This means Episerver needs to maintain two version in their code base and continuous release life cycle. Some will say that is not possible, but the advantage must be greater and worth it in my honest opinion.


  • Customer would be confident going to a stable release
  • Cost effective for customers
  • Customer confident with Episerver being best choice
  • Partners can focus on building awesome solutions and not debugging errors for Episerver

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Edited, Feb 24, 2019 14:42

I think this sounds like a good idea. Even for a larger CMS environment Im hesitant to follow to quickly on the updates.

In theory the changes shouldn't cause any errors but in reality to be sure we really need to recreate a test version of each page and block type to be sure there isn't som sneaky run time error somewhere that we really didn't expect. 

Feb 25, 2019 8:45

It sounds like a great idea! We need stable releases from episerver and also stable releases cross products somehow. I can understand that the need for refactoring is something we need to do as partners and developers and plan for. But epi must be able to introduce bugfixes in older versions and not only in new since, at the moment, the risk of introducing new bugs is rather high when upgrading to the new version with new features and fixes.

At the same time i like the way of updating the product every week but I have also hade the same experience with customers asking if the product is stable enough and if the release cycle is cause of the fact that episerver do not have stable versions of the products. That is a questions I do not like to have with a client.

In other words keep as is but also make it possible to have stable versions :) 

Feb 25, 2019 9:29
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