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Area: Ektron
Applies to versions: 9.20 SP2

Ektron 9.20 SP2 features

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Released: November 7, 2017

Ektron Version 9.20 SP2 includes 21 cumulative updates with a total of almost 90 issues addressed.

FIPS Compliance

The Ektron CMS supports enabling FIPS compliance mode on the host operating system. The CMS was reworked so that it only uses compliant algorithms for encryption, hashing, or signing. This lets customers who need a higher degree of security work with a solution that uses FIPS-approved algorithms and libraries. This is especially meaningful for health care, financial, and governmental organizations.

OData REST Endpoint Support

The Ektron CMS supports accessing almost 80 primitive data types natively by RESTful API request. The OData endpoints support powerful and flexible queries, and can operate on just about any CMS data, from ActivityCommentDatato WebCalendarData. This enables Ektron customers to build compelling front-end user experiences in a headless manner. See also: OData support in the Ektron Developer Reference.

PowerBI Integration Templates and Capabilities

Building on the new OData REST endpoints, 9.20 SP2 comes with sample PowerBI templates. These templates are built to automatically ingest relevant data from your site, and can be used to build rich, live reports against almost any data in the system. For example, you can build reports against commerce orders or form submissions, and share the reports on your intranet site. This is a great way to see what’s happening on your web site at a glance. See also: Using Power BI Templates in the Ektron Developer Reference. 

SVG Support

To make it easier for editors to work with SVG graphics in their website, version 9.20 SP2 adds native support to upload SVG graphics as images, and embed SVG objects directly into HTML in the editor. See also: Editing in Ektron > Working with Images > SVG Image Support in the Ektron Reference manual.

ESync Data Type Support

For power ESync users, version 9.20 SP2 improves the flexibility of the ESync database, adding support for several new data types in custom tables, including the Geography and Geometry column types.

Brightcove Integration Updates

For Ektron users connecting their site to a Brightcove library, version 9.20 SP2 updates the Brightcove widget to use the new CMS API. This API is preferred over the deprecated Media API, making integration with Brightcove faster and richer.

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Last updated: Nov 07, 2017

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