Published on:Apr 13, 2011
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Important: Potential issues when upgrading to CMS6 R2

Shortly after the release of CMS6 R2 we received a problem report describing issues when you upgrade a site that uses the “fetch data” feature. It turns out that there is a bug in one of the database upgrade scripts that results in loosing the reference to the fetched data page.

In an upgraded site affected pages will show up as empty pages. You can also verify if you are affected or not by executing the following SQL-query:

select fkPageId from tblworkpage
where tblworkpage.linktype in (1,4)

The above query returns a row for all pages that are configured to fetch data from another page or is a shortcut to another page. If this query returns any rows on your site (before or after upgrade) you need to take action.

The cure

You can do one of two things to recover from this.

  1. Download the SQL script below and save it in c:\Program Files x86\EPiServer\CMS\6.1.379.0\Upgrade\Database\sql (replace the old one) before performing the upgrade.
  2. If you only have a few instances of pages that fetch data in the site and you have completed the upgrade it might be easier to manually go through the affected pages and set the fetch data reference once again.

Download the updated script here.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Apr 13, 2011

Fredrik Richtnér
( By Fredrik Richtnér, 4/13/2011 1:23:05 PM)


I replaced the script with the updated script and rerun the upgrade from R1 to R2. But the SQL select query still return the same rows as it did before replacing the script.


( 4/13/2011 2:46:38 PM)


This is expected. The query will return all instances where fetch data and shortcut to other pages are used regardless of whether the upgrade was performed or not or if the patch was applied or not.

If you run the query before upgrade and it returns rows - you're safe, just apply the patch and perform the upgrade and you should be good to go.

If you run the script after upgrading and it returns rows - you need to consider "rolling back" the upgrade, apply patch and then rerunning the upgrade or manually reassigning the missing references (if possible).

( 11/23/2011 9:47:12 AM)

We upgraded yesterday and this issue still exist. Seems like this fix is not yet included in the CMS6 R2 release.
I think it should, I find it serious.
Regards Hans

Stephen Kaye
( By Stephen Kaye, 11/25/2011 12:10:09 AM)

Thanks Fredrik

We discovered this issue whilst upgrading a site from CMS5 R2 to CMS6 R2.
We rolled back the upgrade, updated the script and ran the upgrade again.

Problem solved

Fredrik Josefsson
( By Fredrik Josefsson, 12/16/2011 3:44:14 PM)

Why isn't the updated file included in the downloadable R2 package? It really should.

Just had this issue, solved it by editing the affected pages. Thanks for the info.

Marcus Andersson
( By Marcus Andersson, 1/2/2012 8:42:58 AM)

I have to agree with the above speakers, Hans and Fredrik J.
If this issue was reported as early as April 2011, it's extremely bad that it has yet to be solved in the downloadable R2 package.

( 1/25/2012 3:12:27 PM)

This is now fixed. The download package for CMS 6 R2 have been replaced and now includes a number of bug fixes (including this). See Shahid's blog post for information about included fixes.

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