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 Workplace: Consid S5 AB
 Location: Sweden

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Syndicated blog - Posted on: Oct 05, 2021

In my previous post, I showed how to get started with server-side rendering and React. Now I intend to show how to continue with this and add suppo...

Syndicated blog - Posted on: Sep 02, 2021

This post will give an introduction on how to use technologies such as React, to build a frontend with support for server-side rendering in...

Syndicated blog - Posted on: Aug 27, 2021

In the recent weeks, I have taken the time to build a test framework that can be used for integration testing of Optimizely CMS. Hopefully it...

Syndicated blog - Posted on: Aug 11, 2021

Now when Optimizely has released a public preview of Optimizely CMS 12 that’s built with .NET 5, it's time to start exploring how to perform...

Syndicated blog - Posted on: Aug 09, 2021

As many probably know or have heard, it is good to perform some type of automatic testing to test important functions of your implementation. In th...

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