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EPiServer Mail 4.4 Released!

I’m happy to announce that EPiServer Mail 4.4 is released. It fills the gap in the Create+ and Relate+ offerings by having support for CMS R1 SP3 to CMS R2 SP1.

New Features

In addition to the compatibility upgrades there are some new great features as well:

  • Installation from EPiServer Deployment Center
  • A new  EPiServer-like GUI
  • The possibility to select language version when sending a CMS page
  • Attribute support for the mail text version
  • Uses System.Web.Extensions .NET 3.5 removing dependency on a separate AJAX 1.0
  • The possibility to see mail statistics on a sent CMS page. The new “Trend” graph allows for grouping newsletters under one node and getting a graph over time how newsletters under that node have been performing in regards to opened and clicked links over time
  • The possibility to send a CMS page to a recipient source directly from edit mode

Fixed Issues

Issues with the Integration provider together with CMS multiplexing membership provider have been fixed in a separate hotfix for EPiServer.Common and is recommended to download directly after your EPiServer Mail installation is completed.

Upgrading from EPiServer Mail 4.3

As the last step in the renaming of the products, the dependencies to “StarSuite” are removed and replaced by EPiServer.Common. Existing environments running 4.3 will need to upgrade the database with new table/sp names. A migration tool for this will be released soon.

Download EPiServer Mail 4.4

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» EPiServer Common Hotfix 1

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