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Launch of EPiServer Overlook R2 Sample Package

Today I am happy to announce the availability of the new EPiServer sample package called EPiServer Overlook R2. The scenario is built up around the fictional Overlook Hotel – “The hotel that invented the long weekend”.

The start page of EPiServer Overlook demo website. 

This modern-looking, module-based website includes viewing and booking of accommodation, activities and conferences – and keep an eye out for the Special Offers posted on the site! Overlook Hotel also covers social aspects through comments, photos, clubs and integration with third party social websites Twitter and Facebook. The marketing department of Overlook can easily reach out to existing customers as well as new prospects through the use of the built-in online marketing tools such as A/B testing and email campaigns.

With the package comes a new publicly accessible demo site – – and downloadable sample templates. You might already have found the sample templates in the download section here on EPiServer World.

What is in the package

The EPiServer Overlook R2 sample package shows how the Overlook Hotel site is built using several products from the EPiServer product suite. The package includes the following products:

  • EPiServer CMS 6 R2
  • EPiServer Composer 4 R2
  • EPiServer Relate 2 R2 (including EPiServer Mail 5 R2)
  • EPiServer CMO 2 R2

The cornerstone of the Overlook site is of course EPiServer CMS 6 R2, however most of the pages are built using EPiServer Composer. A wide range of different Composer blocks is available, for instance Composer blocks that:

  • Pull user generated content stored in Relate
  • Show product listings
  • Display YouTube videos
  • List related activities

In the Overlook sample site, the CMS is tightly integrated with the EPiServer Relate platform allowing you, for instance, to add comments to pages. The integration also lets you create clubs associated with a conference booking and invite your attendees to join the club.

Overlook also has integration to external services such as Twitter, Google Maps and Facebook through the Facebook “Like” button.

On top of this, the Overlook hotel can leverage the functionality of EPiServer CMO and EPiServer Mail to handle online marketing activities and to spread the word about where the best place is to spend your long weekend.

How to get hands-on with the package

It is really easy to get your own local copy of the EPiServer Overlook R2 site to play around with. Download the sample package and use the EPiServer Deployment Center to install an Overlook site, just make sure that you have all the included products installed beforehand. For more detailed information on how to install, see the Installation Instructions.

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