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Installation Instructions - EPiServer Overlook R2 Sample Package

Product version:  

EPiServer CMS 6 R2  

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This document describes how to install the EPiServer Overlook sample package on your machine and how to set up the website. This document covers both the installation instructions using the EPiServer Deployment Center and configuration settings. 

EPiServer Overlook R2 sample package is available for download, containing the following products and modules out-of-the-box:

  • EPiServer CMS 6 R2
  • EPiServer Relate 2 R2 (including EPiServer Mail 5 R2)
  • EPiServer CMO 2 R2
  • EPiServer Composer 4 R2

Table of Contents


The following prerequisites exist for EPiServer Overlook R2:

Downloading and Running the Installation Package

Download and run the installation package for EPiServer Overlook as follows:

  1. Download, unzip the EPiServer Overlook installation package from  EPiServer World (login access required) and run setup.exe. The installer will check if the required software components and versions are installed on the machine. If any of the software components or versions are incorrect then a dialog will appear informing you of the software that is required to be installed or updated.
  2. Accept the terms of the license agreement and click OK.
  3. When the Setup Wizard appears, click Next to continue with the installation.
  4. Click Install to begin the installation.

Installing the EPiServer Overlook Sample Package

Install the EPiServer Overlook sample package as follows:

  1. Open EPiServer Deployment Center (Start > Programs > EPiServer > Quick Links).
  2. Select Install EPiServer Overlook Site and click Run. Follow the installation wizard, and select the licenses when you are requested to.
  3. Enter path information for the new site and click Next.
  4. Enter information about the database server and click Next.
  5. Enter information about path for the Virtual Path Provider folder and click Next.
  6. Select the licenses for EPiServer CMS, EPiServer Community, and EPiServer Composer. Click Next.
  7. Enter information to create the administration account for the website. Note that you will need these credentials to log in to the website. Click Next.
  8. Enter information for the mail server and mail account, see EPiServer Mail installation instructions. Click Next.
  9. Verify the information you have entered and select Install. Wait for the process to finish, the browser will open automatically and install EPiServer Overlook.
  10. When the istallation is done, log in with your administration account.
  11. In Install Content for Overlook, click Finish to complete the installation by importing data.
    This step can take several minutes and when it is finished, the new EPiServer Overlook website will launch in your web browser.

NOTE The user administration of groups in EPiServer Overlook is based on the user administration in EPiServer Community (EPiServerCommonRoleProvider).

For details about the information to enter in each step during the installation process and about the files included in the installation package, refer to the following installation instructions:

For more information about the Overlook sample package and its content, please refer to the article Launch of EPiServer Overlook R2 Sample Package.