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EPiServer Migration Tool is now available!

A pre-release of the much sought after EPiServer Migration Tool is now available!

If you are considering migrating an EPiServer site to become an EPiServer CMS 5 (SP2) site, then you should use the recently launched EPiServer CMS Migration Tool RC1, now available as a pre-release.

Before Migration

To ensure that migration to EPiServer CMS 5 is a success you are required carried to carry out some vital preparation.  The steps involved in this preparation are described in detail in the EPiServer Migration Tool technical note.  It is highly recommended that you read this technical note before commencing migration and to follow the steps described carefully.   

Only EPiServer CMS version 4.62 is the supported for migration.  If you wish to migrate from another version of EPiServer 4 to EPiServer CMS 5 then it is recommended that you to upgrade to EPiServer CMS 4.62 first, before finally migrating to EPiServer CMS 5.

Please note that if you are planning to migrate to a server that does not already have EPiServer CMS 4.62 installed, then before commencing migration you must install the EPiServer CMS 4.62 assemblies onto the server's GAC.  For further details regarding this see the EPiServer Migration Tool technical note.

During Migration

What is performed by the migration tool includes: migrating the EPiServer CMS 4.62 database which then receives the necessary configuration required for the target/converted CMS 5 site.  After migration, the CMS 4.62 database has been converted to the CMS 5 schema, the CMS 5 site now has configuration settings that map to the CMS 4.62 configuration, and its connection string points to the converted CMS 4.62 database.

After Migration

There will be some work for you to carry out on your site after using the Migration Tool, the amount of work depends on the size of your site and how it is contructed.  Code for page templates, properties, plug-ins, etc. must be converted to EPiServer CMS 5. The EPiServer Migration Tool technical note describes what is needed to be updated in the migrated EPiServer CMS 5 Web site application. Further information regarding required code changes in the the migrated site can be found in the technical article - Migrating from CMS to CMS 5 R1, under the section entitled Code Conversion.

Please ensure that you verify that your site has migrated from EPiServer to EPiServer CMS 5 successfully.  If you suspect that any indescrepancies have arisen during migration please refer to the FAQ regarding the Migration Tool.  You can also report bugs to the EPiServer Developer Support (this requires partner access).

Download EPiServer CMS Migration Tool

The EPiServer CMS Migration Tool RC1 is available for download on the EPiServerWorld Web site. 

Release Candidate

As the EPiServer CMS Migration Tool RC1 is a pre-release version, we would greatly appreciate it that if you find any problems with the tool that you report them to EPiServer Developer Support (reporting requires partner access).  The FAQ will be updated with helpful information regarding the EPiServer CMS Migration Tool and the problems that may arise with it. 

Suggested Reading

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