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Ektron Spring 2017 Updates

While many clients are making or considering the move to the Digital Experience Cloud, Episerver consistently delivers updates for the Ektron platform. If you actively log into the Support Portal, you already knew this. Protecting your investment? We have you covered!

After several great conversations with Ektron customers, I thought it would be helpful to explain our Ektron release process regarding updates, releases, and how requests are handled behind the scenes. There is no magic to this and should look familiar to most.

Ektron releases cumulative updates on a continuing basis. Each update typically contains 1-3 items and includes all previous updates for the service pack that it supports. For example, the 9.20 cumulative update .3 includes updates .2 and .1. Cumulative updates are eventually “rolled-up” into a service pack or major release for our spring and fall product launches. Enhancements and bigger changes are released in service packs or major releases because there is a greater amount of regression testing applied to ensure proper validation coverage and reduction in risk for potential update issues.

 ektron release schedule

How do we prioritize and managed these requests, and what goes into each release?

Working closely with our services teams, we review requests from them and from customers to address issues and other requests. As we review requests, we may identify some that are more fitting for our major release; they are put into a backlog and prioritized. Some may end up in service packs or major releases like 9.20.

Have a request for something that you need that might help you out with your current Ektron system? Consult with your account manager.

Ektron release cycle

What’s in Ektron 9.20 Service Pack 1?

The Episerver Ektron spring 9.20 service pack 1 release includes all the cumulative updates that were created for version 9.20. There also were additions that are worth mentioning:

  • Episerver Social – an option to use Episerver Social allows for expanding your marketing solutions using an easy-to-use service for user-generated content.
  • Workarea performance enhancements – updates were made to improve the overall experience for common activities, such as viewing and navigating folders, viewing and editing content, and general navigation of the folder trees and general user interface.
  • Framework and library updates - component frameworks and libraries were updated to the latest available versions. These include: Microsoft System.Web, Microsoft System.Net.Http.Formatting, Newtonsoft.Json, Microsoft Enterprise Library, and the Microsoft Unity Framework.

Review the Ektron 9.20 Service Pack 1 Release Notes for details.

For information about the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud or your Ektron platform, consult with your account manager.


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