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The Biggest EPiServer Partners Worldwide

EPiServer might be a Swedish product, but it certainly has a global following. And as EPiServer focus on the US market I was curious about the spread of EPiServer and its partners around the world.

Since I am not an EPiServer employee I don’t get access to the juicy details about number of sites developed, licenses sold etc. So all I have to go on is the EPiServer partner lists and the number of certified developers in each company. Not perfect, but should be enough to show us some interesting trends.


So what does the numbers actually show? Lets have a look!


Note: A newer version of this list with the biggest worldwide EPiServer partners for 2012 is available here.


The Top 10 EPiServer Partners in the World*

Company: Certified developers: Country:
1. Know IT 37 Sweden
2. Making Waves 31 Norway
3. Sogeti Sverige 29 Sweden
4. Epinova AS 17 Norway
5. Nansen 16 Sweden
6. EDB Consulting Group 14 Sweden
6. Mogul 14 Sweden
8. Circuit 13 Sweden
8. Creuna 13 Sweden
8. Logica 13 Sweden


The Top 10 EPiServer Countries in the World*

Country: Total number of certified developers:
1. Sweden 317
2. Norway 90
3. UK 39
4. USA 20
5. Australia 10
6. Poland 9
7. Serbia 8
8. Finland 5
9. Netherlands 5
10. France 3


The Top 5 EPiServer Partners in Sweden*

Company: Certified developers:
1. Know IT 37
2. Sogeti Sverige 29
3. Nansen 16
4. EDB Consulting Group 14
4. Mogul 14


The Top 5 EPiServer Partners in Norway*

Company: Certified developers:
1. Making Waves 31
2. Epinova as 17
3. Sem & Stenersen Prokom AS 9
3. Reaktor 9
5. Creuna 5


The Top 5 EPiServer Partners in UK*

Company: Certified developers:
1. Fortune Cookie 10
2. LBi 6
2. Netcel 6
4. Mimtech 4
5. Shared: Syzygy, twentysix Digital, Cubeworks, Nucleus Ltd, R1 Group, Rufus Leonard 2



A few surprises for me personally. First of all I am surprised that EPiServer isn’t bigger in Denmark (there are only 2 certified developers in all of Denmark), so I guess they stick to the homegrown Sitecore CMS. It is also clear that EPiServer is still a very European product, but I am sure that the US will be quickly growing market for EPi.


*Based solely on the number of certified developers listed on EPiServer’s website as of 16.08.2011. Thanks to Anders Gotaas Nordby in Making Waves for collecting the data for me.


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Aug 31, 2011

( By tompipe, 8/31/2011 1:21:05 PM)

twentysix has 3 certified developers.

Could you update the table to reflect this? Thanks

( By tompipe, 8/31/2011 1:21:36 PM)

Useful information by the way! Thanks :)
( By, 8/31/2011 1:31:51 PM)

An interesting article even beyond highlighting that our partner profile was out of date.

Our partner profile has been updated to show the 2 certified developers we do have.

Not that 2 certified devs would get us into the UK top 5 now anyway given the previous comment!

( 8/31/2011 2:10:04 PM)

Tom: The partner list is only updated twice a year. Last time was July 1st. Any certifications after that won't show up until 1.1.2012.

Arild Henrichsen
( By Arild Henrichsen, 9/2/2011 9:48:13 AM)

Great post, gotta love stats!

Karoline Klever
( By Karoline Klever, 9/2/2011 10:05:39 AM)

I agree with Arild, gotta love stats! Thanks for the post, this is awesome :)

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