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Uncompressed JavaScript files for debugging EPiServer 7

Update: Click here for a guide on how to use uncompressed JavaScript files in EPiServer 7.6+

I’m not sure how many people are aware of the fact that there is actually a package containing the uncompressed versions of all the JavaScript files used in the new EPiServer 7 user interface available to be downloaded and used for debugging purposes.

In any case, we’ve just updated the download package to contain the RTM version of the files (since for the last few weeks it has been a CTP version). The download page can be found here:

Installation Instructions

The package is a zip file which can be extracted directly into the root VPP folder for the site you wish to debug. All the files contained within the package have their filename suffixed with .uncompressed.js, meaning that they will not override the current compressed files. This allows you, as a developer, to switch between compressed and uncompressed files very simply.

Running with the Uncompressed Files

To tell the system to use the uncompressed files, simply add the following to the EPiServerFramework.config file underneath the episerver.framework element:

<clientResources debug="true" />

Happy coding!

Dec 11, 2012

Tore Gjerdrum
( By Tore Gjerdrum, 11/29/2013 2:29:56 PM)

Hi Ben,

Is it possible to get the uncompressed files for EPiServer CMS 7.1 as well?

Tore Gjerdrum
( By Tore Gjerdrum, 12/13/2013 1:03:26 PM)

Hi again,
Are these files also available for EPiServer 7.5 ?

Ben  McKernan
( By Ben McKernan, 1/17/2014 4:05:28 PM)

I believe it should be available via the add-on store.

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